Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Month Appointment

Before shots
After his 2 Month Shots
Not to long My little guy was super tough
he didn't cry.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Month Old today

Our little Sport is 1 Month old! I can't believe how
much things have changed. We finally decided to
take our little guy to the ENT doctor just a couple
days ago. He assumes it's probably a Bacteria and
put him on antibiotics. I hope that it clears it up.
I still feel like I'm on edge listening to him durning the
night to see if he's still breathing. He doesn't cry like
all the other babies. He kind of makes soft breathing
ways to let me know his noes is closed. Sad I returned
the BBG machine. :0( That was so useful with his little nose.

Over all besides the nose issues I LOVE MY LITTLE BUG!
He has bee the joy in our life. He finally started on this
swing my sister let me use. He seems to really like it.
So fun to watch him learn and grow. Happy Day today!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our First Family Photos/ Newborn photos

Kayden's blessing suit, He was just 2 weeks and
this suit was drowning him. Still he was super cute.

These were some of our photo's I hope you enjoyed them. :0)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

For Mothers Day We decided to take some pictures of the
Grandkids for my mom. My son is so small that he
drowns in his clothing. Some day he will grow into them. :0)
He was wide awake, I think the sun was too bright that
he didn't want to open his eyes.
All the grandkids together. They are all so super cute!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Week Appointment and Circumcised

Our little one had his first Appointment with the
Dr. He was so brave and has grown

My sons now 7 pounds 4 oz and 21 inches long. He was
a brave little boy today. Two week shorts and was circumcised
today. I didnt handle that too well. Cried and almost passed out. Oy!

Nothing is harder then watching your baby cry.
I never thought I could get seriously attached to something.
Especially a baby. I was like blood No big deal. Oh small
surgery "No big deal". Cry that is ok.. the pain isn't mine.
The nurse asked if Kenton wanted to go back he said yes.
My heart eminently wanted to follow. I told the nurse I wanted
to go. She was like "Are you sure you want to go back?" I said Yes!
She was like ok... but no throwing up. If you can't handle it. Step
out side.

As they were doing the procedure Kayden started to cry.
I started to tear up. I have never heard a baby cry like that.
I looked up and cleared my eyes and looked again. I soon
almost passed out. It was the hardest thing ever.
I have a greater respect for doctors that can do this.

I didn't care much about circumcision before, until
I read about all the infections, diseases, etc they could get.
I'm not downing or look bad at moms that didn't get there kids
circumcised. That is their decision and I support your decision.
I know every mom can take care of kids the way they need to.
I hope that moms don't look down on me for doing it.

I will say I'm happy with my decision yet I never knew how hard it
was going to be on me to watch it. Next time I will wait until they
are done and then comfort my little one. Sad that they couldn't
do it at the hospital. Get all the hard stuff done at the beginning.
Instead of dragging it on. Silly Dr's!
I have a love hate relationship with them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bobby time and time away from my baby :0(

We decided to try the Bobby out for the first time.
He seemed to like it. I was needing to get a few things
done around in the room and our little sport didn't
want to be left alone so... If he was up and could
look around he was just fine. I decided to place him in
the bobby and WALA it worked. He wasn't fussing.
NICE trick. :0)

After Kenton got home he decided to run to do a
few errands. Forgetting that I still need to eat. We
then had ZERO time to prepare something. If you
realize when your pregnant or nursing and you go
to long with out eating, you will realize you get really
light headed and almost pass out. I have realized on my end.
Not sure if that's what happens to you. Kenton always mentions
"What would you like to make tonight" UGH! I can not make
anything like this... We soon decided to go to outback steak
house and dragged Kenzie along with us. Then I come
to find out this is a terrible deal on my end.
Kenton asked if mom could watch him. She said YES!
And it was over for me... :0( I didn't want to leave
my little bug. But HAD to! What a dumb deal.

If you ever have to leave your baby for the first time.
Total separation anxiety. I have never left my babies side
before. I don't even let him sleep in his own bed he sleeps
with me. Totally terrible I know! I will some how break that habit.
It was good mom doesn't mind me calling twice during the
dinner to see how my baby was. He didn't seem to miss me much
he was sleeping the whole time. Sad, but good!

In this picture is Kenzie and her heart shaped chicken. Awe so cute!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bath and Binky time

Second bath at home didn't go over too well.
He was super happy to be in mommy's arms.
He is such a good boy
I wanted to post this photo with my little boys
binky. LOL! It looks so big for his little head.